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Anyone will tell you that "education" is important. For some people, this equates with "getting more qualifications". In reality though, the qualifications are less important than the learning.

Learning increases Your Value to Clients, Customers and Employers!

The world is very different today to what it was in the past; and it's going to be even more different when you finish your studies.

Our Courses are constructed to make you...

  • More Informed
  • More Capable
  • Aware of Opportunities and Your Capacity to Take On and Succeed in All Facets of your Life

Whether you are studying for general Self Improvement, or to further your Career or Business Prospects or Returning to Work- we can help.

Today's World is full of Pressures that Simply Didn't Exist in the past.

Do You Realize:

  • People used to work in the same job all of their lifebut now most people work for themselves.
  • People used to stay in the same job or business for most of their lives; but now they change job or business every few years.
  • People used to see a job; train for it, then get that job; but now many job opportunities that you encounter after study, won't even have been conceived before you start studying




First, it is important to recognise everyone else is in exactly the same situation. Next, you need to understand that certain capabilities will give you an edge in any sort of job. In land based industries, understanding soil science and plant taxonomy will always be a big advantage. In business, understanding marketing and finances will always give you an edge. In just about anything; an ability to think outside the box coupled with communication skills will set you apart from others.

We're Different

Our first priority is to facilitate your learning and support you.  We recognise that learning is all about improving knowledge and skills in your long term memory.  While some colleges may focus on getting you to pass exams, by committing knowledge to short term memory; we understand that such an approach is not true education.    

Facilitating your learning comes before issues such as formal accreditations, speculative marketing and bureaucratic processes which all too often add considerable costs to the running of colleges, and take resources away from the provision of more valuable services to the student.

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