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Humans have harvested the seas, lakes and rivers that surround them for millienia. Aquaculture, also referred to as Fish Farming or Shellfish Farming, deals with the breeding, cultivation, nurturing and harvesting of marine or fresh water plants and animals. Today, the Aquaculture industry could be the answer to our global problem of overfishing despite an increase in demand for sea-food. This growing industry requires a qualified and knowledgeable workforce.

Get an Aquaculture qualification: Do you want to better understand what Aquaculture is? Perhaps our starter course, Aquaculture, is for you. Already work in Aquaculture and need Professional Development?  ADL offer a variety of distance-learning courses to help get you started or help to fill in any gaps in your knowledge and skills set. For example, perhaps you currently have a gap of knowledge with regards to Marine life in general. In that case, our Marine Studies I course would offer an excellent introduction into the topic.

Get a career working in Aquaculture: Aquaculture Production has doubled every 10 years and now accounts for 40% of all water based food products. That's 7% growth per year (5% more than food grown or reared on land). With the global population expected to be 9,200 million by 2050, sustainable aquaculture is being looked to by many as a good way of feeding the world high quality protein. Get into the industry now and make the best of the opportunities available in this field. Marine Aquaculture and Aquaponics Production are great places to start. Possible career paths include, the Ornomental Pet Trade, Trout and Carp Farming for Food and work in Hatcheries.

Learn about Aquaculture: Do you have a keen interest in fish farming? Perhaps you have enough space to begin your own small scale farm and would like to know where to get started. Our Advanced Certificate in Alternative Farming might be what you need to begin your new journey.

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