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The Tourism industry bought in over £120 Billion in the UK alone in 2014. With people becoming more aware of the environmental impact that travel can have, the demand for ecotourism has increased. From the hot and dry plains of Africa to the cool and wet moors of England, every country has a place of natural beauty to enjoy and which needs special protection.

Ecotourism and Adventure Activities are a great way to both educate and enjoy some leisure with the younger generations. Children especially can benefit from a holiday focused on Ecotourism and Adventure Activities and help them develop an appreciation for the great outdoors.

Get a qualification in Tourism: An excellent place to start is our Ecotourism Tour Guide course for the basics. Our Bushcraft and Wilderness Activities is good for those wishing to focus more on Adventure Activities.

Get a Career working with in the Tourism industry: Perhaps you work in the Tourism and Hospitality industry but are becoming more aware of the heavy environmental impact such a trade can have on a habitat. A Proficiency Certificate in Ecotourism may be a great place to start. Combining two modules along with 200 hours of work experience, it uses your current place of work to help you achieve your long term goals.

Learn about Tourism: Do you have a keen interest in Ecotourism? Do you wish to understand how this industry will grow and develop in future years? Perhaps a course in Adventure Tourism is for you.

Already work in Tourism and need Professional Development? For those wishing to develop a career within the Ecotourism industry, perhaps develop management skills in order to meet the criteria for a promotion, our course in Ecotourism Management might be what you need.

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