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While Fake News is not a new phonomenon, its prevalance in an increasingly globalised world has become a concern for many people who wish to sift for facts. It has become more important than ever to properly and thoroughly question what you read and hear in your day to day life. As a result of applying more critical thought to what is heard in newspapers, social media or even trusted sources like government websites, a person can develop the ability to see through nonsense, deliberately misleading information or even flat out lies. Engaging in Academic studies, with their emphasis on finding and referencing reputable sources to bolster an argument, is an excellent way to sharpen the ability to see through something like fake news.

Academia specifically relates to the work done in educational establishments, such as schools, colleges, and universities. It involves work which revolves around studying and reasoning, not practical or technical skills. Academic Writing and Critical Thinking has always been crucial in the discussion of ideas, thought processes and reasoned argument. It is vital for university and in the workplace, when creating Technical Reports, Business Proposals and Business Projections etc. In short, the ability to write in an academic fashion and to think in a critical way, contributes to education, business and government.

Get an Academic Qualification: If you need to improve your English skills, maybe because school didn't work for you or because English is your second language and this is holding you back in your career, then we have a short weekend course that can help. Improve Your English Grammar is excellent for those who wish to boost their English Writing skills and start your journey to more Academic focused courses.

Already working and need Professional Development in Academic Writing? For those working in a position where you are required submit reports or proposals on a regular basis our Efficient Writing course is a good start. It will teach you how to supply upper management with the information they need in a clear and efficient manner.

Get a Career in Academic Writing:  If you've ever dreamed of writing your own dissertation but felt it was too hard, our Dissertation course can take you from the seed of your idea to completion with the same rigour you'd expect at a university. Having completed your first (or fifth) dissertation, you could consider getting your paper published.

Learn to write in an Academic Way: Are you going to University this year? If so, take our University Preparation Package in order for you to hit the ground running and get the best grades you can. You will need to know about how to form an argument, use academic language and how to reference sources correctly. Our course covers all this and more.

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