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As alternative energy sources are being explored and the planet is being studied more intensely, the field of environmental studies is increasingly expanding:- by nature its very broad and diversified. People today are more interested in earth science and the environment now as compared to the past, as there is increased awareness in global warming and other environmental damage.

Then, for some of us, when we think about the environment, an overwhelming and conflicting sense of helplessness and guilt, coupled with, ‘it’s not my problem’, can assail us. We all live in this world and contribute to its exploitation, so each of us should be accountable. And yet at another level there’s a feeling that it’s the responsibility of governments and multinationals. After all, in our own small spheres we can’t stop people travelling by plane, or owning 2+ cars, or a hundred other excesses of modern day living. But there are countless things we can do in our own back yard that, in and of themselves, may not seem to make a world of difference to the environment. It all starts with each of us taking small steps: “Acting locally: thinking globally”.

Get and Environmental Qualification: If you’d like to learn more about environmental issues, then ADL offer many online courses on this diverse subject, including a programme on Environmental Studies that covers basic ecology, global environmental systems, environmental problems, conservation and much more.

Get started in an Environmental Career: If you'd like to embark on a 'green career' there are thousands of jobs within this booming sector and it's important to explore the possibilities and decide which is your chosen field – from climate, carbon and energy, conservation and wildlife, food, farming and organics, marine conservation, ecology, sustainability...the list is long. ADL's distance-learning courses covers all of these fields. There are a great many environmental jobs today.

Learn an Environmental Subject:  Whether you'd like to widen your career possibilities or learn more about environmental issues for humanitarian motives, ADL offer a wide variety of online courses, including: environmental restoration, assessment, waste management, alternative energy and climate science.

Already have a career in Environmental work, need Professional Development?  For those wishing to develop their career in this field, why not look at ADL's Advanced Certificate in Environmental Studies. This online course covers key environmental issues and is a good starting point, leading on to ADL's higher advanced diplomas (in Environmental Management or Applied Animal & Environmental Welfare) which can open doors to working in environmental management or consulting.

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