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The more we understand animals, the better we can ensure their protection, from the herds in our fields, the cat on our lap, to the wild songbird in our garden. Animal Studies is a field which has come into its own in the last few decades and the uncharted nature of this discipline means that there are many fresh and exciting opportunities to explore.

How can you recognise the signs of ill health in an animal? How is animal welfare assessed and upheld globally? What makes animals tick? Can a better understanding of animals and their environments mean a future that sees animal welfare and rights as a priority for all peoples accross the world?

You can explore some of the answers to these questions within our range of comprehensive animal studies online distance learning courses.

Get an Animal Studies Qualification: ADL offers a variety of courses in Animal Studies. From learning about animal psychology to animals in the wild, we have a course for you. Already work with Animals and need Professional Development? For those wishing to develop a career requiring good animal care and management, relevant training and qualifications are always essential. Are you currently working on a farm and require a qualification in Livestock? Our Higher Advanced Diploma in Agriculture (Animal Husbandry) is a good place to start your search. Perhaps you require a qualification in lizards. If so, our Herpetology course is a great starting point.

Get a Career working with Animals: Whether you wish to care for them, breed them, or do you bit to help them survive in the wild, for a charity, employment or to go in business for yourself, there is much to learn and an animal courses, written and updated by animal experts, is the place to start. Why not start with a Higher Advanced Diploma in Applied Animal Science?

Learn about Animals: Maybe your enigmatic cat is confusing you, figure out what your cat is thinking with our Cat Psychology and Training course. Perhaps you have a keen interest in a specific animal, if so, we have specialist courses in Ornithology (birds), Primatology (primates), Pigs, Cows, Sheep, Goats and many more!

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