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Consumer Behaviour Short Course



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Consumer Behaviour short online course:

Why do Customers buy? Why is it important that you know why they buy? The psychological processes involved?

A good grasp of consumer psychology is essential, if you want to be the very best in the advertising, marketing, or sales fields.

This short course will help you develop valuable skills, that can empower you to greater success. Advertising, marketing and sales are all competitive and potentially lucrative areas to work in, so complete this course over a couple of weeks, or even as a weekend project, to help you climb to the top of the tree. You'll need drive, determination and a hard work ethic too of course, but none of these will matter, if you don't understand the psychological buying processes of your customers and target your efforts to match their needs and aspirations.

Consumer Behaviour will teach you the who, why, where, what and the where's of advertising, marketing and selling your product or products. If you are working in any area of business, where understanding how and why customers buy is important, or want to do so, then this is a great course to put you on the right road to being successful in what you do.



Lesson 1 What is Marketing Psychology

  • An Overview
  • Roles in Marketing Psychology
  • Qualifications and Jobs
  • Applications of Marketing Psychology
  • Myths About Marketing Psychology
  • Future Directions
  • Review What You Have Been Learning


Lesson 2: Who We Sell To - Understanding the Consumer

  • Principles of Marketing Psychology
  • The Buying Process
  • Target Market
  • Geographic
  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Other Influences on Consumers
  • What We Sell
  • Review What You Have Been Learning


Lesson 3: Psychology of Consumer Behaviour

  • Introduction
  • Gestalt Principles of Perception
  • The Iceberg Principle
  • The Dynamic Principle
  •  Emotions and Buying Behaviour Response
  • The Meaning of Colours
  • Review What You Have Been Learning


Lesson 4: Marketing Research Techniques

  • Introduction
  • Gathering Data
  • Testing Products
  • Testing Advertisements
  • Market Segmentation
  • Review What You Have Been Learning


Lesson 5: Where We Sell

  • Shops
  • How People Purchase Stock Items
  • Online
  • Tips on Where to Sell
  • Review What You Have Been Learning


Lesson 6: Advertising and Marketing - How We Sell

  • Ethics of Advertising and Marketing
  • Review What You Have Been Learning



This course is completed entirely online, including lessons, self-assessment tests, plus obtaining your certificate at the end, which is immediately downloadable after successful completion. Please note that there is no tutor support, as it is not required. The assessment breakdown is as follows:

  1. Study lesson 1.
  2. When you are ready, take the self-assessment test. Retake until you reach the required level of learning.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the following 5 lessons.
  4. Take the final assessment.
  5. Download your certificate of completion, with your name on it.

Now you are ready to stand out at a job interview, or put your newly acquired knowledge to use straightaway. 

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Consumer Behaviour Short Course Consumer Behaviour Short Course
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