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Designing Gardens Short Course



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Designing Gardens 20 Hours online Course:

Create the garden of your dreams by gaining the knowledge and skills taught in this course, which you can take over a couple of weeks, or even as a project for the weekend. Garden design can be challenging, but rewarding and Designing Gardens will help you to tap into your creativity, by making the right plant choices and other crucial elements to designing that "perfect garden".

This course may only take approximately 20 hours to complete, but you will find it comprehensive and informative and it can be the difference between the success and failure of your garden design project.

Each lesson will provide you with a way of expanding your knowledge in the subject and you will be able to choose the suggested tasks, that interest you the most. And by reading the notes presented alongside the "learn more" options, you won't miss anything that you feel is personally important to you. 



The Seventeen lessons in this course cover:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Garden Design

Lesson 2: Appropriateness of Garden Design DESIGN

Lesson 3: Creating an Impact

Lesson 4: Designing to a Budget

Lesson 5: Choosing Plants

Lesson 6: Using the Garden

Lesson 7: Where the Garden Meets the House

Lesson 8: Making the Winter Garden More Comfortable

Lesson 9: Gardens for Children

Lesson 10: The Secure Home and Garden

Lesson 11: Lighting a Garden

Lesson 12: Dealing With Shade

Lesson 13 Garden Art

Lesson 14: Pots and Planters

Lesson 15: Colour in the Garden

Lesson 16: Applications for Colour

Lesson 17 Garden Arden Furniture



This course is completed entirely online, including lessons, self-assessment tests, plus obtaining your certificate at the end, which is immediately downloadable after successful completion. Please note that there is no tutor support, as it is not required. The assessment breakdown is as follows:

  1. Study lesson 1.
  2. When you are ready, take the self-assessment test. Retake until you reach the required level of learning.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the following lessons.
  4. Take the final assessment.
  5. Download your certificate of completion, with your name on it.

Now you are ready to stand out at a job interview, or put your newly acquired knowledge to use straightaway. 

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Designing Gardens Short Course Designing Gardens Short Course
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