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Dog Owners Course Short Course



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Dog Owners Short Course Online:

This is a comprehensive course for dog owners and pre-dog owners alike. It will teach you everything you need to know as a dog owner or a dog sitter.

Dogs have been Man's best friend for thousands of years and share a unique symbiotic relationship with us. This relationship is built upon mutual trust and covers both work and friendship. This short 20 hour course for dog owners of all breeds, will help you care for your companion better and help ensure their general well-being. 

You will cover the important subjects of: how dogs and humans relate to each other, how to look after your dog, the different dog breeds, how to choose the right dog for you, dog biology, your dog's basic health care, how to understand what makes your dog tick (dog psychology), how to groom and about working with dogs. 


Lesson 1: Dogs and Humans

  • History
  • Dog Breeds
  • Pure Breeds or Crossbreeds
  • A Selection of Common Breeds
  • Basic Dog Care 
  • The Right Dog for you 
  • Creating a Healthy Home Environment for a Dog 
  • Dogs and Fire Emergencies – How prepared are you? 
  • Review what you have been learning

Lesson 2: Biology of Dogs 

  • Physiological Characteristics
  • Reproductive System 
  • Review what you have been learning

Lesson 3: Basic Health

  • Signs of a Healthy Dog
  • Recognising Poor Health 
  • Common Internal Parasites
  • Common External Parasites 
  • Common Disease and Illness 
  • Skin Problems in Dogs
  • Notifiable Diseases 
  • Preventative Health Care & Care for the Sick Dog 
  • Good Nutrition
  • Reproduction and Breeding
  • Desexing 
  • Review what you have been learning

Lesson 4: Psychology

  • Understanding the Dog’s Mind
  • Evolution and Domestication 
  • Behavioural Development 
  • Common Behaviour and Body Language
  • Behavioural Problems
  • General Training Tips 
  • Review what you have been learning

Lesson 5: Grooming

  • The Need for Grooming
  • Techniques
  • Grooming Tools
  • Pet Clips and Styling
  • Review what you have been learning

Lesson 6: Working in the Canine Industry

  • Health Services
  • Breeding
  • Grooming
  • Training 
  • Day Care & Exercise
  • Long Term Care
  • Assistance Dogs
  • Canine Therapy
  • Professional Dog Handling
  • Retail
  • Funeral and Memorial Services
  • Review what you have been learning


This course is completed entirely online, including lessons, self-assessment tests, plus obtaining your certificate at the end, which is immediately downloadable after successful completion. Please note that there is no tutor support, as it is not required. The assessment breakdown is as follows:

  1. Study lesson 1.
  2. When you are ready, take the self-assessment test. Retake until you reach the required level of learning.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the following 5 lessons.
  4. Take the final assessment.
  5. Download your certificate of completion, with your name on it.

Now you are ready to stand out at a job interview, or put your newly acquired knowledge to use straightaway.

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Dog Owners Course Short Course Dog Owners Course Short Course
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