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What is an event? An event is an occurrence, usually a special occasion. It can be either “a thing that just happens”; or a “planned social or public occasion”. An event is not always planned, but in the world of event management, the more planning that goes into an event, the smoother the event will run.  Organising an event requires understanding of the basic fundamentals and variables associated with an event.

With 120 pages, this comprehensive ebook on Event Management will guide the reader through the complexities and considerations for managing and organising an event.

Written by John Mason and staff of ACS Distance Education, Event Management will provide you with a great foundation on managing a whole range of events.


Chapter 1- Scope and nature of Event Management
Types of events
The impact of events
What is an event worth?
What makes someone a good event manager?

Chapter 2- Developing a concept and planning
The need
Expectation determination
Developing concepts
The stakeholders
Planning processes

Chapter 3- Organising the resources required
Organising physical resources and services
Financial resources
Managing financial resources
Marketing resources
Outsourcing resource requirements

Chapter 4- Catering: Food and Drink
Determining food and beverage needs
Choosing a caterer
Other catering considerations

Chapter 5- Promoting an event
Marketing an event
Case study - Marketing Strategy: use of public parks and gardens for events
Target marketing
How to determine the target
The marketing mix
How to promote a private event
How to promote a public event

Chapter 6- Managing the clientele
Queuing theory
Negative situations
Conflict handling techniques
Dealing with your anger and emotions

Chapter 7-  Risk management, legalitites and contingency planning
Planning for the unexpected
Risk analysis
Tools for identifying risks
Negating risk
Contingency planning
Legal issues
Security at events

Chapter 8- Delivering the event
Some things to consider before setting-up day
After the event

Chapter 9- Organising celebrations and parties
A children’s party
A wedding
A reunion
A street party

Chapter 10- Organising exhibitions
Guidelines for planning a show or exhibition

Chapter 11- Organising conferences and seminars
Organising a conference

Chapter 12- Working in the events industry
Where to from here?
Job profiles


If you are interested in studying Events Management, ACS Distance Education has an
Events Management course.



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Event Management - PDF Ebook Event Management - PDF Ebook
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