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Fruit and Vegetables Short Course



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Fruit and Vegetables 20 Hours Online Course: Learn all you need to know about the right produce to grow and how to grow them, in this short interactive course.

Many of us put off doing something we would really love to because we don't know where to start, or we aren't confident that we will be successful; we are frightened of failure. This course will help allay all your fears and start you off on getting the most out of your own little patch of land.

Study at your own pace and refer to the course notes for years to come, when you need to remind yourself of the best way to grow particular fruits and vegetables. This short intensive course won't just benefit you now, it will be a major resource to you for years to come.



 Lesson 1: Food from the garden

  • What can you produce in your garden?

Lesson 2: Deciding what to grow

Lesson 3: Successful growing

  • Light
  • Temperature
  • Soil
  • Nutrition
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Cold and the garden
  • Different growing methods
  • Where to get helpful information

Lesson 4: Fruits

  • Introduction - fruit trees for all climates
  • How to develop an espalier on a wall
  • Good backyard fruit trees for a range of climates

Lesson 5: Deciduous fruit trees

  • Winter chilling requirements
  • Pests and diseases
  • Deciduous fruit encyclopaedia
  • Bare-rooted fruit trees
  • Pruning deciduous fruit trees

Lesson 6: Citrus fruits

  • Tolerance to different climates
  • How to grow healthy citrus
  • Citrus species

Lesson 7: Tropical fruits

  • What fruits when

Lesson 8:  Berries

  • Berry fruit

Lesson 9: Nuts

  • Introduction to nut growing
  • Commonly grown nuts

Lesson 10: Vine crops

  • Grape varieties

Lesson 11: Using produce

  • What to do with excess fruit

Lesson 12: Vegetables

  •  Why grow vegetables? 
  •  The site 
  •  Choosing what to grow 
  •  Feeding and watering 
  •  Planning the cropping programme 
  •  Pests and diseases of vegetables

Lesson 13: Mushrooms

  • Four easy steps to growing mushrooms

Lesson 14: Special growing techniques

  • Growing produce in containers
  • Hydroponics
  • Permaculture gardening
  • More special growing techniques 



This course is completed entirely online, including lessons, self-assessment tests, plus obtaining your certificate at the end, which is immediately downloadable after successful completion. Please note that there is no tutor support, as it is not required. The assessment breakdown is as follows:

  1. Study lesson 1.
  2. When you are ready, take the self-assessment test. Retake until you reach the required level of learning.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the following 9 lessons.
  4. Take the final assessment.
  5. Download your certificate of completion, with your name on it.

Now you are ready to stand out at a job interview, or put your newly acquired knowledge to use straightaway.

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Fruit and Vegetables Short Course Fruit and Vegetables Short Course
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