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Growing Palms and Palm Like Plants PDF. Ebook

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Learn to identify the differences between the most palms and palm like plants and to grow them in ways you never considered before. This eBook is an ideal reference to help you choose which plants to use for differing climatic conditions.

Palms and Cycads are generally considered to be either tropical or indoor plants, but this is not strictly true. They are more diverse than this because they grow in temperate and tropical climates, in rain-forests and deserts.

This publication explores growing Palms and palm like plants in a variety of conditions, both indoor and outdoor.

Pages: 70

Photos: 116 colour photos

ISBN: 978-0-9874834-0-9


Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Growing Palms and Cycads


Simple cultural requirements 
Common problems with indoor and outdoor palms
Some Australian native palms
Palms for special situations
Cold climates
Palms for shade
Palms for either sun or shade
Palms for dry, cool climates
Palms for coastal areas
Palms for indoors


Chapter 2 Palm Genera


Chapter 3 Cycads

Cycad Genera


Chapter 4 Other Palm-like Plants



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Growing Palms and Palm Like Plants PDF. Ebook Growing Palms and Palm Like Plants PDF. Ebook
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