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Project Management Short Course



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Project Management Short Online Course:

Project Management is an essential skill that can be learned and applied in a wide variety of careers. It can also  be used in projects that you undertake for yourself helping you to complete your project on-time and within budget.

The Project Management Short course will help you get a firm grasp of what you will need to know to effectively manage projects. Projects have many stages and carefully planning at each stage will see that things are implemented efficiently and effectively, ultimately resulting in a project that runs smoothly. 

This 20 hour course will help you understand more about what is involved in project management, risk management in project management, maintaining control of your projects, maintaining relationships throughout the project, what to do when a project comes to an end and some golden rules for project management. Self-assessment tests and additional learning will help you become a star project manager in a weekend. Add it to your resume, manage your own renovation projects at home, your options are endless!



Lesson 1 Nature and Scope of Project Management

  • The role of a project manager
  • Definitions
  • Characteristics of a project
  • Stages of a project
  • Where is project management applied?
  • Types of project management
  • Types of project management offices
  • Project types
  • State of the art
  • Static management
  • Lesson 1: additional reading
  • Review what you have been learning

Lesson 2: Risk and Uncertainty

  • What is risk?
  • Some seek risk
  • The importance of a business case
  • The feasibility study
  • Risk identification
  • Lesson 2 additional reading
  • Review what you have been learning

Lesson 3: Maintaining Control Throughout the Project

  • Tools for control
  • When and where control needs to be exercised
  • Nine steps to successful project planning
  • Lesson 3 additional reading
  • Review what you have been learning

Lesson 4: Interpersonal Relationships 

  • What is communication?
  • Communication systems and techniques
  • Setting up communications systems in projects
  • Active listening
  • Finding the right staff
  • Lesson 4 additional reading
  • Review what you have been learning

Lesson 5: The End Game

  • Reviews are costly
  • Lesson 5 additional reading
  • Review what you have been learning

Lesson 6: Some Golden Rules of Project Management

  • Lesson 6 additional reading
  • Review what you have been learning



This course is completed entirely online, including lessons, self-assessment tests, plus obtaining your certificate at the end, which is immediately downloadable after successful completion. Please note that there is no tutor support, as it is not required. The assessment breakdown is as follows:

  1. Study lesson 1.
  2. When you are ready, take the self-assessment test. Retake until you reach the required level of learning.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the following lessons.
  4. Take the final assessment.
  5. Download your certificate of completion, with your name on it.

Now you are ready to stand out at a job interview, or put your newly acquired knowledge to use straightaway. 

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Project Management Short Course Project Management Short Course
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