Pharmacology- A Great Career Choice

By Ioana Raluca Kovacs, staff, ADL Online Education. on August 17, 2016 in Health & Science | comments
Pharmacology as a degree can lead to many career paths involving academia, research science or pharmacy to name a few. Not only are there many career options but there are also, extensive range of opportunities available for further and higher education - students are able to choose from masters to post-doctorates and second degrees.

It is also a relatively easy science to get on to, providing you have the correct background qualifications - one of which may be ADL's Psycho-pharmacology course that will help equip you with the basic skills needed to pursue a degree in pharmacology e.g.  critical skills are needed for the study of chemicals.

Three Tips for Citing References like a Researcher

By Lee Raye, Tutor, ADL Online Education on August 2, 2016 in Study Tips | comments
“One author says this about wolves: ‘in Scotland the species certainly lasted much longer’ (Yalden 1999).”

Oh dear! Do your citations look like this one? 

Sometimes citations can be technically right, but still look bad, and make it obvious that you are new to Academic Writing. Never fear! There are three tips which will have you citing like a researcher in no time.

1. Paraphrase, Don’t quote
After you have left school, the rule is don’t quote in essays. You need to explain ideas in your own words. Don’t worry if you can’t use the same high level of language as your source, the important thing is to show you understand:...