Could You Be A Good Counsellor?

By Iona Lister, Tutor, ADL Online Education on June 28, 2016 in Psychology | comments

Are you someone that friends and family go to when they have a problem or feel stuck in life? If you are, then you may have thought of training in counselling skills.

Many skills used by professional counsellors are or similar to those used by anyone who helps others as part of their working role, or relationship.
These skills include:


Computer Eyestrain? - Easy Solutions

By Lee Raye, Tutor, ADL Online Education on June 25, 2016 in Study Tips | comments

Do you ever find that your eyes feel tired, dry or stinging after a session on your computer? We often find ourselves staring at a computer screen, iPad, Kindle or other device for long periods of time, absorbed in what we are doing without giving much thought to our eyes.

The solution can be very simple.


Common Symptoms of Diseases in Poultry

By Vicky Protopapadaki, Tutor, ADL Online Education on June 21, 2016 in Animals & Pets | comments

Poultry is a collective term used to describe domesticated birds such as chicken, ducks, geese, turkeys and others. These are mainly used by humans for production and exhibition purposes but some also make excellent pets. 

Like all birds, poultry are, too, susceptible to disease. Disease is very common among poultry, especially those used in the farming industry. While it may be impossible or impractical to check individuals for symptoms of disease in a flock of thousands, the effect of disease on a flock can be detrimental to production. Additionally, and most importantly, disease may be an indicator of overall poor welfare...


Animal Care… the job for you?

By Iona Lister, Tutor, ADL Online Education on June 18, 2016 in Animals & Pets | comments

Did you know that the pet population estimates that 13 million (46% of) UK households have pets. The pet population stands at around 65 million – including fish. This brings the importance of animals into sharp focus, and also the possibilities of animal care as a potential career.

Latest figures for the UK Top Ten Pets are:

1. Fish kept in tanks: 20 - 25 million (9% of households)
2. Fish kept in ponds: 20 million (5% of households)
3. Dogs: 9 million (24% of households)
4. Cats: 7.9 million (18% of households)...

Citations and References

By by Lee Raye, Tutor, ADL Online Education on June 14, 2016 in Job Interviews & Study Tips | comments

Citing and referencing are both essential for academic writing, but they are often forgotten by students. Citation can be fiddly, and referencing can take some time when you are already fed up with an assignment, but don’t make the mistake of ignoring these practices. All the best assignments cite and reference beautifully. Citing and referencing is especially important for Diploma students, and those thinking of going to university.